Dear Guests,

As we await your arrival, Colorado Group Hotels is pleased to inform you that, in consultation with experts, we have adopted the following procedures to prevent infections and to guarantee highest level of hygiene in our hotels.


All staff members have been specially educated and trained on how to prevent and contain the spread of Covid-19.


A special procedure to clean your room

Our rooms have always been cleaned to the highest level. However, we have added extra procedures to increase those levels:

We have adopted a nebulizing system that eliminates all germs from the room and this is used each time a room checks out.

Moreover, all surfaces are now sanitized with a specially designed disinfectant.


The lobby, hall, lifts, as well as all indoor and outdoor seats are now managed in a way that guarantees and maintains social distancing requirements between both guests and staff. All surfaces are regularly sanitized by a nebulization system and with specific products.


In order to keep physical interaction to a minimum, upon arrival you will be requested to provide your documents in the hall area.

These are just some of the measures we have taken to protect you.

We also remind you:

All our guests are very important for us!!

See you soon

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